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ImageSQL - LinksSQL, but not as we know it!
The first real OEM version of LinksSQL is now here. Build your own image gallery with ease, using the power of LinksSQL, and more!

Backup Services
Did you know that we offer backup services? 95% of the sites that go offline, and never come back online again, are due to them not having backups. Make sure you're not one of the statistics, and get your site backed up now!

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Globals and hacks that will work with LinksSQL



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UltraNerds.com - This Site, Support, etc.

Our customized OEM base version of Links SQL

SQLWidgets.com - A collection of code tweaks and globals

AuctionSQL.com - An OEM Auction system

SQLClassified.com - An OEM Classifieds system

SQLPersonal.com - An OEM Personals system

SQLMatchMaker.com - An OEM Matchmaker system

ImageSQL.com - An OEM Image Management and delivery system

InfoCrafters.com - Customized Database Solutions

Spot2Win.com - Customized Advertising and prize offerings

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If you have a global/hack that you would like to submit to our site, please let me know via Email (andy @ ultranerds .com), and I'll try and get it added ASAP :)